Brugge beer stores

Beer warehouses

In Belgium, the best place to buy beer is at of the many out of town warehouses - usually called 'drankcentrales' or similar - which usually offer an enormous range of beer at extremely competitive prices.  However, these are only any good if you have a car.   If you do have a car and want to shop in a beer warehouse near Brugge, your best bet is Drankcentrale Rotsaert, around 20 minutes' drive out of town, just beyond the Loppem junction (J7) of the E40.  

Check opening times carefully as they close religiously for lunch from 12-1 every day, and are always closed on a Sunday (and holidays).  However, both beer range and service are excellent.  Slightly further afield, Dranken Geers, just off the far side of the Gent ring road, offers an even bigger and better selection, again at amazing prices. In case you were wondering, they also close for lunch every day.

Beer stores in town

Assuming you don't have a car, or if you don't fancy going to a warehouse, then there are numerous stores selling beer all over Brugge.  Many of these offer a fairly safe, tourist friendly selection at somewhat optimistic prices.  However, these are some of the best options in the city centre:

Bacchus Cornelius, Academiestraat 17:  - this lovely shop offers an excellent selection, including a number of rare and unusual beers.  See photo below.

Bottle Shop, Wollestraat 13:  - at first glance this looks like another of those expensive tourist traps, but on closer inspection, you will find a really good range of beers, and many are at reasonable prices.  Beers are well displayed along with an excellent range of glassware.  Thanks to Leila Waller for the photo at the top of this article.  

Three of our Guide entries offer good ranges of beers to take away, as well as on site tasting:

Bierboom, Langestraat 73;

Het Bierpaleis, Katelijnestraat 25;

Brouwerij Halve Maan, Walplein 2 - the shop at the brewery is well worth a look, the range often including various specials.  See photo above.