Brugge Area Breweries

Brugge's brewing scene continues to gently evolve. As far as we are aware, there are now 4 active breweries in the Brugge area, comprising 3 production breweries and 1 brewpub. Our criteria is as follows:

  • We only count actual, physical breweries with their own brewing kit and brewing commercially within the Brugge area. For the purposes of this Guide, the Brugge area is defined as anywhere within the Brugge 8000 postcode area. We've made an exception for Brouwerij Tzawezien (whose postcode is 8310) given their location directly opposite Gentpoort, right on the ring.
  • Where two or more brewing companies share one brewing kit, we count this as one brewery.
  • ‚ÄčThere are a number of breweries just outside the geographic area covered by this Guide.  These include Vliegende Paard/Prearis in Oedelem and Brouwerij De Leite, slightly further out in Ruddervoorde.
If you are aware of any other breweries in the Brugge area that are brewing commercially on their own kit then please let us know.

Production Breweries


Planned Breweries

In addition, we are currently aware of 1 brewery in the active planning or construction stage.