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Here at we don't have complicated rules for choosing the pubs we list. To recommend a pub we have to actually have had a beer there - we don't list pubs which have been recommended by friends of friends, brothers-in-law or some random guy on the the street unless we have checked it out ourselves. Our pubs must serve good beer. We don't care how it is served -- all dispense methods are fine so long as the pub serves good beer from interesting breweries. But the pub also needs to have a little something extra, be it an outstanding selection, stunning architecture, an amazing ambience or excellent food. But first and most of all it must have good beer.

All the pubs in this Guide are worthy of a visit. A few have been singled out for special attention -- those ones are worth a special effort to visit and have a gold star signalling that it's a Guide 'Top Pick'.  Please note that the area covered by this Guide is the Brugge 8000 postcode area only.

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Jezza Top Pick
Jezza Honourable Mention
Full menu
Live Music
WiFi available
Open very late
Only open on Saturday
Closed Sunday
Closed Monday
Closed Tuesday
Closed Wednesday
Closed Thursday
Open 11am or earlier
Brewery tasting room, may have limited hours.
Bottle shop with onsite drinking.