WiFi available

WiFi is available in the following pubs.

Bottle shop with a bar for onsite drinking.

Central Brugge brewery tap.

Historic brewery tap.

Legendary beer café, one of the world’s classics and the best in Belgium.

Tiny draft only bar near Brouwerij Halve Maan.

Cafe Cambrinus  Jezza Honourable Mention Full menu WiFi available Closed Monday

The smaller, cosier more beer focussed Cambrinus.

Gorgeous, stylish hotel bar with an excellent beer list.

Cambrinus  Full menu WiFi available

Bustling eatery with 400 beers.

De Garre A Jezza top pick  WiFi available

Stylish, classic brown café.

Huis de Cluuse  Full menu WiFi available Closed Sunday Closed Wednesday

Stylish bar in an old townhouse near the Opera House.

Another classic Brugge cellar bar.

Le Trappiste  Jezza Honourable Mention WiFi available Open very late Closed Wednesday

Yet another cellar bar with an amazing vaulted ceiling.

One roomed ‘taphouse’ near 't Zand Square.

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