Jezza's Top Picks

My 'Top picks' are the outstanding beer places in Brugge at any given moment. Here you will normally find something exceptional or out of the ordinary - so a larger than average beer range; top quality service and a good ambience and/or surroundings. In short, these pubs will all be offering the best that can be found in the Brugge beer scene at the moment.

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Note that we regularly update what constitutes a top pick so places can be relegated from the list if their beer range dips or there are other significant changes.

Legendary beer café, one of the world’s classics and the best in Belgium.

Gorgeous, stylish hotel bar with an excellent beer list.

De Garre A Jezza top pick  WiFi available

Stylish, classic brown café.

Honourable Mention

These pubs are well worth the effort to visit.

Cafe Cambrinus  Jezza Honourable Mention Full menu WiFi available Closed Monday

The smaller, cosier more beer focussed Cambrinus.

't Hof van Beroep  Jezza Honourable Mention Full menu WiFi available Closed Tuesday Closed Wednesday

Lively locals’ pub towards towards the end of Langestraat.

De Kelk  Jezza Honourable Mention Closed Sunday Closed Monday

Famous old pub, once again with an excellent beer list.

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