De Kelk

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 Jezza Honourable Mention Closed Sunday Closed Monday

Langestraat 69
Brugge 8000
(Langestraat Quarter)

 0479 85 38 22

Open from 5pm Tue to Sat. Closed Sun-Mon.

Keg Taps: c.10
Bottles/Cans: c.175

Nearest bus line: 6, 16, 88



Famous old pub, once again with an excellent beer list.

Jezza says

People loved the old Kelk because it was dusty, a bit ramshackle, and full of charm – oh, and it had a really good beer list. After a lengthy closure, it reopened a few years ago, completely refurbished and smartened up. The beer list on its reopening was much reduced, but the good news is that it’s now expanded again, with 185 beers listed on Untappd as of March 2024. About half of these are Belgian, the remainder from a range of other countries. The ambience is great and it’s fantastic to see this old favourite once again back on top form.

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