De Kelk

Image of De Kelk

 Closed Sunday Closed Monday

Langestraat 69
Brugge 8000
(Langestraat Quarter)

 0479 85 38 22

Open from 5pm Tue to Sat. Closed Sun-Mon.

Keg Taps: c.8
Bottles/Cans: c.45

Nearest bus line: 6, 16, 88



Famous old pub which has recently been cleaned up.

Jezza says

People loved the old Kelk because it was dusty, a bit ramshackle, and full of charm – oh, and it had an excellent beer list. After a lengthy closure, it reopened a couple of years ago, completely refurbished and smartened up. The beer list has also been massively reduced, now extending to about 8 drafts and around 45 bottles. It’s not an amazing list, but you will definitely find some good beers here – just not as many as before. We preferred it in its previous state, but it is still worth a visit. Reports welcome.

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